Installation Guide


  • libzmq >= 2.1
  • openssl
  • libev
  • libyaml

Easy Way

We currently have only packages for Archlinux and Ubuntu.


yaourt -S zerogw


apt-add-repository ppa:tailhook/zerogw apt-get install zerogw

Hard Way

To compile from source or to compile recent version from git you need the following dependencies:

For compiling coyaml, libwebsite and then zerogw itself you need to run the following magick sequence of commands for each of them:

./waf configure --prefix=/usr
./waf build
sudo ./waf install

For other tools see respective documentation.

Verifying Install

After install is completed you can run:


It should print few warnings on screen. Startup messages are printed as warnings since they are important for installations where lower level messages disabled. Also usually your mime-types is inconsistent (at least in archlinux it is). But nevermind, just got to the browser and check http://localhost:8000/hello, you should see some greeting if everything works.